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Experience Virtual Reality and immerse yourself in exciting new worlds!
Introducing a new game that will transport you away to face challenges beyond this world.

When you thought Mario Kart couldn't get any better, we launch Mario Kart virtual reality! Jump in the driver's seat and play at The O2, or Leeds. If you're feeling brave, grab your friends and head down to The O2 to try out Hospital Escape Terror. You can even battle against the mysterious aliens from Galaga, when you visit Hollywood Bowl Leeds. Or if you like a challenge, get your team together and take on Panic Cube; an escape room with a twist!

Our VR experiences are available at the following centres:
Mario Kart (The O2 & Leeds)
Hospital Escape Terror (The O2)

Panic Cube (Leeds)
Galaga Fever (Leeds)

VR Zone portal at Hollywood Bowl

Brought to you by BANDAI NAMCO Amusement Europe Ltd.


Available at: The O2 & Leeds
Enter the Mario Kart universe you know and love, and race to the finish line. The course is filled with the well-known Mario Kart traps and tricks. Dodge giant Piranha plants and Thwomps, leap over huge ravines, and watch out for Koopa as he tries to get in your way…Dive into the world of Mario Kart!

*Minimum of 2 players.



Available at: The O2
The haunted house is after you… You awaken to find yourself completely restrained in a wheelchair. Unaware of who has done this and why. You start to make your way through the dark abandoned hospital to try to escape. Never enter alone.


Galaga fever at Hollywood Bowl Leeds Virtual Reality

Galaga Fever

Available at: Leeds
Mysterious aliens from Galaga are attacking the Earth! The genius scientist Dr. Mad has prepared for this day with a super elevator that takes you 150m into the atmosphere! But be careful, the elevator is constantly under attack by the enemy! With new weapons provided by Dr. Mad, you and a partner set out to shoot down as many alien attackers as you can!



Available at: Leeds
You don’t quite need a headset for this experience, however you do need a good team by your side if you want to escape the panic cube.


An escape room with a twist. Locked inside a cramped vault, with a gigantic balloon slowly expanding…
Work together with your friends to clear a series of difficult missions within the time limit. The Panic Cube will test your speed, teamwork skills and most importantly, your bravery!





Terms and conditions:

Children under the age of 15 are not permitted to engage in ‘Hospital Escape Terror VR’. All other VR Experiences will be a minimum age limit of 10.

Guests with the following conditions should refrain from engaging in the VR experiences: pregnant, motion sickness, under the influence of alcohol, physical ailments or any other condition that may be aggravated by VR activities.

A portion of the VR experiences will require participants to stand while engaging. To ensure safety, please do not participate in clothes and shoes that may hinder movement such as sandals, open toe shoes or high heels.

Wearing glasses with the VR goggles is permitted, however, depending on size and shape; certain glasses may not fit into the VR goggles. It is recommended to use contact lenses where possible.

We assume no responsibility for damage done to glasses and ask participants to use caution when wearing glasses. In addition, using bifocal contact lenses/glasses may affect the VR experience.

Players may experience eye fatigue, dizziness, loss of balance, nausea, motion sickness like symptoms etc. If you start to feel sick or any other abnormalities, stop use immediately and rest until you have recovered.

In addition, the above symptoms may occur after your VR experience. In this case, please rest until you have fully recovered.

Panic cube uses a real balloon which makes a loud noise if popped. Children must be accompanied by an adult and wear ear defenders during the experience.

For safety, you cannot participate in this experience if you are under the influence of alcohol, unwell, or have any of the following symptoms: heart condition, high blood pressure, respiratory ailments, globophobia (fear or balloons), nyctophobia (fear of darkness), claustrophobia, hypersensitivity to noise, convulsive fits, muscle convulsions from light stimulus, prone to dizziness.

Have any questions? Read our VR FAQs page. Or call the team on 0844 826 4282^ to book now or use the enquiry form and we’ll call you back.

^ Calls cost 7p per minute, plus your telephone company's network access charge