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Frequently asked questions on our VR experiences.

What is Virtual Reality?


Out of this world, quite literally! Virtual Reality is a highly immersive visual ‘simulation’. In most cases it uses headphones to cover your ears, a microphone and a futuristic headset for your eyes. Wearing these, your real-world surroundings are replaced by a digital environment that you can interact with.

Are there any age restrictions for using the equipment?


You will need to check when booking, as some experiences have an age limit that we suggest, based upon the content, and in some instances, a height restriction. When booking, the team will advise you of any relevant restrictions and suitable alternatives if available.

Can I use this if I have any medical conditions?


If you have a previous history of epilepsy, seizures or loss of awareness, are an expectant mother, have a history of heart problems or high blood pressure, we do not recommend a VR experience. We have lots of alternative fun activities in the bowling centre for you to try, such as the latest arcade games, or a game of VIP bowling! You won’t leave disappointed

Panic Cube uses a real balloon which makes a loud noise if popped. Children must be accompanied by an adult and wear ear defenders during the experience. For safety, you cannot participate in this experience if you are under the influence of alcohol, unwell, or have any of the following symptoms: heart condition, high blood pressure, respiratory ailments, globophobia (fear of balloons), nyctophobia (fear of darkness), claustrophobia, hypersensitivity to noise, convulsive fits, muscle convulsions from light stimulus, prone to dizziness.

Can I wear my glasses under the headset?


The headset has been designed to fit those with or without glasses. If in doubt, some slight adjustments can be made to ensure both the glasses and the headset fit comfortably.

Can VR cause motion sickness?


VR can cause mild nausea in some; however, team members are on hand should you need to stop the experience at any time, and will cover this in the safety briefing.

Can I use this if I am struggling with mobility?


The range of VR at each centre can change, so please ask a team member when booking. If available at your chosen location, we have some passive yet immersive experiences which require little to no physical involvement; these will be better suited for someone who is struggling with mobility.

Do I need to wear any specific clothing?


No, there are no specific dress requirements.

Do I need to book in advance?


No, all of our single packages are designed for you to walk in and play. We do offer advanced booking options if you want to book ahead to save disappointment. For group or party bookings, we suggest you call our Customer Contact Centre who will be delighted to plan the perfect event with you. Please note that our VR experiences do not mirror the opening times of the centre, so please check that the experience is available as set out on the website. For party bookings we may be able to operate outside of these hours if booked at least 72 hours ahead.

Can family/friends watch me play?


Absolutely, it’s great fun to watch them play on VR! Space may be limited to a certain number of spectators, but a team member will be on hand to do all they can to assist.

I am in a group; can we play the same game against each other, at the same time?


In some centres, we have multiplayer games where up to 4 players can battle against each other! Check with a team member or call the Customer Contact Centre to which amazing games we have!

What if I don’t like it and want my money back?


Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds.

Can you play the same game twice?


Yes. In some cases, the outcome of the game is very different. Our team member will advise you if your chosen game is suitable for repeat play, or entice you to try another!

Can I take photos of my friends?


Sure, why not. We can even take them for all of you on your smart phone, for you to share on social media. Be the envy of your friends when playing VR!

How do I arrange a group/party booking?


Party bookings are always best if discussed either in person at the centre, or via the Customer Contact Centre. We can then discuss and tailor your event as needed, giving you the ultimate VR experience!