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Frequently asked questions on HyperBowl.

Last updated October 2019.

How is HyperBowl different from classic bowling?


In classic bowling you aim for the pins, and your score depends on how many pins you knock down. HyperBowling is all about aiming for the coloured targets on the lanes, which multiplies your pin score.

How long does a game of HyperBowl take?


In HyperBowl, every game has a different number of challenges within each level.
The length of the game will be dependent on how many players you have on the lanes, and how many levels you book to play.
A game of 3 levels will approximately take 10 minutes per person. So if six people were bowling, it would typically last an hour. The more players on your lane, the longer the game will last.

How many people can bowl on one lane when playing HyperBowl?


HyperBowling is similar to classic bowling, in that we generally advise 6 people to a lane. Some centres have a maximum of 8 players per lane.

How many levels are in each game?


HyperBowl – 12 levels

HyperBowl Pro – 12 levels

Hyper Active – 6 levels

Hyper Squad – 1 level

How much does HyperBowl cost?


The cost of HyperBowl is dependent on the centre. For HyperBowl prices, please contact a member of our team, or see the offers section of our online booking system.

Who can play HyperBowl?


HyperBowling is a game for everyone! No matter your skill set, this exciting and fun new bowling game is easy to master, and everyone has a real shot at winning!

Hyper Bowling at Hollywood Bowl