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We’re proud to support our local charities

We’re more than just bowling

We’re about enjoying the good times together. Our passion is bringing people together for affordable fun and healthy competition. Families, young adults and work colleagues alike come to our centres to cheer each other on and make memories that last.

Our local communities bowl us over with their determination, compassion and sense of fun. That’s why in 2016, we asked our 2000 team members to choose a local cause that means a lot to them. Since then, all of our 58 centres have connected with a local charity, and have been working together to raise money and spread the word about their cause.

Emma and the team at Glasgow Springfield Quay have been doing some great things to support their charity, Callum’s Cabin. Have a look for yourself...

Hope For Children

Hope for Children

Our Hemel office have connected with Hope for Children, a charity that works in a number of countries over the world, bringing hope to children who have fallen through the gaps, and enabling them to experience a happy childhood. We sent our mobile bowling lane to Africa along with other support to help obtain additional funding from their government. The children had never bowled before, so this was really exciting and lots of fun for them!

Hero Pin Fridays

Hero Pin Fridays

Every Friday throughout September, we offered the chance to win £10 towards our local charities by bowling a strike when the pink pin was at the front. The bowler won a bottle of Prosecco and we donated £10 to the charity – win win! Overall, we raised a massive £28K towards local charities!

Willow Wood Hospice

Willow Wood Hospice

Hollywood Bowl Manchester entered our very own decorated duck in the Corporate Duck race, held every year at Huddersfield Canal in Stalybridge, supporting our neighbourly charity partner – Willow Wood Hospice. Squeek was in attendance too, having a great time with the families that attended this fantastic event, made even better as our Hollywood Bowl Duck won the race!!! We now have a nice shiny Winners trophy. Our Duck has rightly been awarded a Winners sticker too.

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