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We're more than just bowling; we're proud to support Barnardo's.

Our passion is bringing people together for affordable fun and healthy competition. Families, young adults and work colleagues alike come to our centres to cheer each other on and make memories that last. It's all about enjoying the good times together.

In October 2019, we launched our partnership with one of the leading charities across the UK.
At Hollywood Bowl Group and Barnardo’s we believe in children, no matter who they are or what they have been through. We have therefore joined forces to support the most vulnerable children, young people and families in our society, and make a difference to our local communities.

Through our partnership we are fundraising and volunteering to support crucial services in our local communities. Whilst offering disadvantaged families the opportunity to come together to enjoy good times, and create positive memories through our family entertainment centres.

Together, we are building stronger families, safer childhoods and positive futures.
Together we are showing that incredible things can happen when you believe in children.

Read Becky and Thirza's stories below, and learn about the crucial work and support Barnardo's have been able to provide, through the efforts of volunteers and fundraisers.

Barnardos charity support at hollywood bowl
Barnardos believe in children at hollywood bowl
Barnardos and hollywood bowl

Becky's Story

Barnardo’s first met Becky when she was 13, where she had been struggling with family issues and had started skipping school. Vulnerable and alone, Becky was caught up in an older crowd, and started experimenting with recreational substances.

When Barnardo’s Project Worker Claire met Becky, she hadn’t been to school for a year. Becky and Claire worked on action planning, so that Becky learned to question her choices, and keep herself as safe as possible. Becky managed to break away from that friendship group, and both Becky and her Barnardo’s Project Worker Claire have been working together to build Becky’s confidence and self-worth.
Becky felt that she now had that one person she could trust and talk to.

Barnardo’s project workers like Claire work with children like Becky for as long as they are needed, providing them with the necessary support and guidance. Three years later, thanks to the support from Claire, Becky has become a resilient young woman and no longer feels lonely and isolated.

Thirza's STORY

Thirza started caring for her mum when she was just six years old. Five years later Thirza also started caring for her father when he developed a heart condition. For many years, Thirza struggled to balance her responsibilities at home with going to school and trying to fit in. When the stress became overwhelming, Thirza came to Barnardo’s for help.

After receiving support from Barnardo’s for many years, Thirza is now an apprentice at a Young Carers project, where our specialist project workers understand the complex issues facing young carers, and work with families to provide advice and emotional support.

Thirza feels thrilled to now be working for the team that supported her. She hopes to reach lots more young carers out there who are hidden, and get them the support they need.

Barnardos believe in children and hollywood bowl

Hollywood Bowl Group giving back

We plan to support Barnardo's within our centre's through fundraising and volunteering, as well as through our Hemel Support team. We're also pleased to share that every time a new team member completes induction, we will donate an extra £15 to Barnardo's!

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